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Allen-Bradley 20F1AND361JA0NNNNN


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 20F1AND361JA0NNNNN is likely related to the PowerSteps system by AMP Research, which is designed to provide power-assisted steps for vehicles. Here's a breakdown of the key sectors related to this part number:

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications for this part number are not explicitly mentioned in our research. However, it is likely that the specifications would include details such as the voltage and current requirements, motor specifications, and any specific installation requirements.

Alarm/Error Codes

our research do not provide specific information on alarm or error codes for this part number. However, it is common for systems like PowerSteps to have diagnostic codes that can be checked using a multimeter or other testing tools to identify issues with the system.

User Manuals

our research provide a link to user manuals and installation guides for AMP Research products, which can be accessed by searching for the product name or part number on the RealTruck website.


our research provide troubleshooting steps for common issues with the PowerSteps system, including:

  • Testing for battery voltage and controller functionality
  • Identifying issues with the motor or linkage
  • Using a multimeter to test for voltage and continuity
  • Switching motors to isolate issues
  • Manually powering the motor to test its functionality


our research do not provide specific information on programming for this part number. However, it is likely that the PowerSteps system can be programmed using a specific controller or software, which would allow users to customize settings such as the speed and sensitivity of the steps.


our research provide general installation instructions for the PowerSteps system, including:

  • Locating the controller and fuse holder
  • Removing the fuse to reset the system
  • Testing the system after installation

Overall, our research provide a good starting point for understanding the technical specifications, troubleshooting, and installation of the PowerSteps system with part number 20F1AND361JA0NNNNN. However, more detailed information may be required for specific issues or customizations.

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