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Allen-Bradley 20F1ANC367JN0NNNNN


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 20F1ANC367JN0NNNNN appears to be a temperature module for a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or other industrial automation system. It is manufactured by Allen-Bradley, a well-known brand in the industrial automation sector. The module is designed to measure and control temperature within a specific range, which is typically used in industrial processes such as manufacturing, food processing, and laboratory settings.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the temperature module are not explicitly stated in our research. However, based on the general characteristics of Allen-Bradley temperature modules, it is likely that the module has a digital interface, supports various communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP, and has a range of temperature measurement capabilities (e.g., Celsius or Fahrenheit).

Alarm/Error Codes

our research do not provide specific information on alarm or error codes for this temperature module. However, it is common for industrial automation devices to have standardized alarm and error codes that are documented in the user manual or technical documentation provided by the manufacturer.

User Manual

The user manual for this temperature module is not directly accessible through our research. However, it is likely that the manual is available from Allen-Bradley or other authorized distributors, and it would provide detailed information on the module's operation, configuration, and troubleshooting procedures.


Troubleshooting procedures for the temperature module would typically involve checking the module's connections, ensuring proper power supply, and verifying the module's configuration settings. The user manual would likely provide detailed troubleshooting guides and diagnostic procedures.


The programming of the temperature module would typically involve configuring the module's settings using a programming software or interface provided by the manufacturer. This could include setting the temperature range, alarm thresholds, and communication protocols.


The installation of the temperature module would typically involve connecting it to a PLC or other industrial automation system, ensuring proper power supply, and configuring the module's settings according to the system's requirements. The user manual would likely provide detailed installation instructions and guidelines for the specific system being used.

In summary, the part number 20F1ANC367JN0NNNNN is a temperature module designed for industrial automation applications, manufactured by Allen-Bradley. While the technical specifications and user manual are not directly accessible through our research, the module is likely designed for digital temperature measurement and control, with a range of communication protocols and alarm thresholds. Troubleshooting and programming procedures would involve checking connections, configuring settings, and using manufacturer-provided software or interfaces. Installation would involve connecting the module to a PLC or other system and configuring its settings according to system requirements.

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