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Allen-Bradley 20F1AGB080JN0NNNNN


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 20F1AGB080JN0NNNNN is likely related to a PowerFlex drive, specifically the PowerFlex 525 AC drive, which is part of the Rockwell Automation PowerFlex family of low-voltage drives. This drive is designed for use in various industrial applications, including conveyors, mixers, pumps, and blowers, and offers a range of control technologies for motor control optimization.

Technical Specifications

The PowerFlex 525 drive is designed to operate in a wide range of applications, including those that require precise torque and speed regulation. It features a compact design and is compatible with various motor types, including induction, permanent magnet, and servo motors. The drive supports a variety of communication protocols, including Ethernet, Profibus, and DeviceNet, and can be integrated with other Rockwell Automation products such as the CompactLogix controller.

Alarm and Error Codes

The PowerFlex 525 drive has a built-in diagnostic system that can detect and report various errors and alarms. These errors and alarms can be categorized into different levels, including minor, major, and critical. The drive also includes a self-diagnostics feature that can detect and report internal faults, such as overtemperature, overcurrent, or undercurrent.

User Manuals

The user manual for the PowerFlex 525 drive provides detailed information on its installation, operation, and maintenance. It includes sections on safety precautions, electrical connections, and troubleshooting procedures. The manual also covers the drive's programming and configuration, including the use of its built-in control technologies such as FORCE Technology.


Troubleshooting the PowerFlex 525 drive involves identifying and resolving issues that may arise during its operation. This can include checking for electrical connections, monitoring the drive's status and error messages, and performing routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning and lubricating moving parts. The drive's built-in diagnostic system can also be used to identify and report faults, which can help in the troubleshooting process.


The PowerFlex 525 drive can be programmed using various software tools, including the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 and the PowerFlex 525 Drive Programming Software. These tools allow users to configure the drive's parameters, set up its control algorithms, and monitor its performance in real-time.


The installation of the PowerFlex 525 drive typically involves connecting it to a power source, a motor, and other necessary components such as sensors and actuators. The drive should be installed in a location that is safe and accessible, and all electrical connections should be made according to the manufacturer's instructions. The drive's user manual provides detailed information on its installation and setup procedures.

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