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Allen-Bradley 20F11FC060AA0NNNNN


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 20F11FC060AA0NNNNN is likely related to the AMP Research PowerStep Running Board, a product designed for trucks, Jeep vehicles, SUVs, and vans. This electric running board provides a clean and aggressive look while offering ultimate traction in any condition. It features a rugged and bold design, with a 3” lower stepping surface than the original PowerStep.

Technical Specifications

The PowerStep Running Board is designed to provide a convenient and safe way to enter and exit vehicles, especially in challenging environments. It is electrically powered and can be controlled via a smartphone app for the PowerStep Smart Series. The product is available in different models, including the PowerStep XL, PowerStep Xtreme, and PowerStep Smart Series.

Alarm/Error Codes

our research do not provide specific information on alarm or error codes for the PowerStep Running Board. However, AMP Research does offer technical support for troubleshooting and maintenance issues. If you encounter any issues with your PowerStep, you can contact their technical support team at 1-888-983-2204.

User Manuals and Installation Guides

AMP Research provides detailed user manuals and installation guides for their products. You can search for your specific product by name or part number on their website to access these resources. Additionally, they offer a locator to find a dealer near you for expert installation and service.


our research provide some troubleshooting information for common issues with the PowerStep Running Board. For example, if the step is clicking when deploying or retracting, you can adjust the bolt and wedge to resolve the issue. AMP Research also recommends cleaning the running board periodically to prevent debris from accumulating and causing unwanted noise or binding.


The PowerStep Running Board is designed to be easy to use and does not require extensive programming. The PowerStep Smart Series can be controlled via a smartphone app, allowing users to customize the settings and operation of the running board.


The PowerStep Running Board is designed to be installed by a professional, and AMP Research recommends using their locator to find a dealer near you for expert installation and service. The installation process typically involves mounting the running board to the vehicle and connecting it to the electrical system. AMP Research provides detailed installation guides for their products, which can be accessed on their website.

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