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Allen-Bradley 20BC037A3AYNACC0


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 20BC037A3AYNACC0 is associated with the AMP Research brand, which is known for its innovative electric running boards designed for trucks, Jeep vehicles, SUVs, and vans. The product line includes the PowerStep Running Board, PowerStep XL, and PowerStep Xtreme, each offering unique features and designs tailored to specific needs and environments.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications for the AMP Research electric running boards are not explicitly mentioned in our research. However, the products are designed to provide a clean yet aggressive look with tread design for ultimate traction in any condition. The PowerStep XL features a 3” lower stepping surface than the original PowerStep, and the PowerStep Xtreme is designed for extreme conditions.

Alarm/Error Codes

No specific alarm or error codes are mentioned in our research. However, the user manual and installation guides provided by AMP Research may contain troubleshooting information and error codes specific to the product.

User Manuals

AMP Research offers detailed user manuals and installation guides for its products. These can be accessed by searching for the product name or part number on the AMP Research website or through the RealTruck website, which is a brand that carries AMP Research products.


our research provide some troubleshooting information for common issues with the PowerStep running boards. For example, if the step is clicking when deploying or retracting, the user can adjust the bolt and wedge settings to resolve the issue. Additionally, the user manual and installation guides may contain more detailed troubleshooting information.


our research do not mention programming for the AMP Research electric running boards. However, the PowerStep Smart Series features a Bluetooth-enabled electric running board controlled via a smartphone app, which may involve some programming or setup process.


AMP Research recommends using a certified dealer for installation of its products. The company provides a locator on its website to find a dealer near you. Additionally, the user manual and installation guides provided by AMP Research can be used as a reference for self-installation, but it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and seek professional assistance if needed.

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