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Allen-Bradley 20BC030A0AYNACD0


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 20BC030A0AYNACD0 is a replacement motor for the AMP Research electric steps. It is designed for specific vehicle models, particularly the 2006 Dodge RAM 2500. The motor is a key component in the electric step system, responsible for lifting and lowering the steps. This part is available for immediate shipping from Electric Step, a supplier of AMP Research replacement parts.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the motor are not explicitly mentioned in our research. However, it is likely that the motor is designed to operate within specific voltage and power requirements, which are typically detailed in the user manual or technical documentation for the electric step system.

Alarm/Error Codes

No specific alarm or error codes are mentioned in our research. However, it is likely that the motor is equipped with sensors and monitoring systems that can detect issues and trigger alerts or errors if there are any problems with the motor's operation.

User Manuals

The user manuals for the AMP Research electric steps, including the replacement motor, are not directly accessible through our research. However, they are likely available from the manufacturer or supplier, and may provide detailed information on the motor's operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Troubleshooting for the motor would typically involve checking for issues related to power supply, motor function, and sensor malfunctions. If the motor fails to operate or exhibits unusual behavior, it may be necessary to consult the user manual or contact technical support for guidance on resolving the issue.


The motor is designed to operate automatically as part of the electric step system. It does not require programming in the classical sense, as its operation is controlled by sensors and electrical signals rather than software.


The installation of the replacement motor is likely to involve disconnecting the old motor, removing any mounting hardware, and then installing the new motor in the same location. The motor should be securely fastened and connected to the electrical system according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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