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Allen-Bradley 2090-XXNFT-S09


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 2090-XXNFT-S09 is a feedback cable designed for use with Allen-Bradley products from Rockwell Automation. It is a non-flexible cable with a DIN Type 4 connector at one end and flying leads at the other, measuring 9 meters in length. The cable is designed for high-resolution and incremental encoder feedback applications and is rated for 300V. It features a black jacket made of industrial-grade thermoplastic elastomer and is UL registered to AWM requirements.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications for this product are not provided directly on our research. However, they can be accessed through the product catalog, which is available on the Rockwell Automation website. The catalog provides detailed specifications, including dimensions, materials, and performance characteristics, which are essential for proper installation and operation of the cable.

Alarm/Error Codes

As this is a cable and not an electronic device, it does not have alarm or error codes. It is designed to provide a reliable connection for feedback signals in industrial applications, and its performance is not monitored by error codes.

User Manuals

The user manual for this product is not directly accessible from our research. However, it can be obtained from the Rockwell Automation website by searching for the product catalog or contacting a Rockwell Automation representative. The user manual will provide detailed instructions on the installation, operation, and maintenance of the cable.


Troubleshooting for this product would typically involve identifying and resolving issues related to the cable's physical integrity or electrical performance. This could include checking for damage to the cable, ensuring proper connections, or verifying the cable's electrical specifications are met. If issues persist, it may be necessary to consult the user manual or contact Rockwell Automation support for further assistance.


This product does not require programming. It is a simple cable designed to provide a reliable connection for feedback signals in industrial applications. Its functionality is determined by its physical design and electrical specifications, not by software or programming.


The installation of this product involves connecting the DIN Type 4 connector at one end to a compatible device and the flying leads at the other end to the device or system requiring feedback signals. The cable should be secured to prevent damage or disconnection during operation. It is recommended to follow the user manual and any relevant safety guidelines for the specific application.

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