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Allen-Bradley 2090-MCNPMP-6S90


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The 2090-MCNPMP-6S90 is an industrial part designed by Allen Bradley, a well-known manufacturer in the automation industry. This part is categorized under CNCs Servo Drives and Motors. It is a power cable, specifically designed for use with Kinetix Motion Control products. The cable is part of the MP-SERIES 90 M LENGTH POWER CABLE family.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the 2090-MCNPMP-6S90 are detailed in the packing data publication 2090-PC001B-EN-P, which provides schematics with wire color and connector pinouts for power cables used with Kinetix Motion Control products. The publication also includes information on cable compatibility with specific drives and motors, which can be found in the Kinetix Motion Control Selection Guide, publication GMC-SG001.

Alarm/Error Codes

The 2090-MCNPMP-6S90 does not have alarm or error codes specific to it, as it is a power cable and not a control device. However, the Kinetix Motion Control products it is designed for may have their own set of error codes, which can be found in the user manuals or technical documentation for those products.

User Manuals

The user manuals for the Kinetix Motion Control products that the 2090-MCNPMP-6S90 is designed for would be the primary source of information for troubleshooting and error handling. These manuals would provide detailed instructions on how to use the products, troubleshoot common issues, and handle errors that may occur.


Troubleshooting for the 2090-MCNPMP-6S90 would typically involve identifying the issue with the power cable or the Kinetix Motion Control product it is connected to. This could involve checking the cable connections, ensuring proper grounding, and verifying the power supply to the motor or drive. The troubleshooting process would be detailed in the user manuals for the Kinetix Motion Control products.


The 2090-MCNPMP-6S90 is a power cable and does not require programming. It is designed to provide power to the motor or drive connected to it, and its function is purely physical, not computational.


The installation of the 2090-MCNPMP-6S90 involves connecting the power cable to the motor or drive and ensuring proper grounding. The installation process would be detailed in the user manuals for the Kinetix Motion Control products and would involve following standard safety protocols for working with electrical systems.

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