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Allen-Bradley 2090-DANFCT-S05


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The Allen Bradley 2090-DANFCT-S05 is a cable designed for use with cable-mounted connectors in industrial control systems. It is manufactured by Rockwell Automation, a leading provider of industrial automation solutions. This cable is specifically designed for use in applications where a flexible and reliable connection is required.

Technical Specifications:

The cable is designed for use in industrial environments and is constructed to withstand the rigors of continuous use in these settings. It is a flexible cable that can be easily routed through tight spaces and around corners, making it ideal for use in applications where space is limited. The cable is also designed to be durable and resistant to damage from environmental factors such as moisture and extreme temperatures.

Alarm/Error Codes:

As this is a hardware component, it does not generate alarm or error codes. It is a simple cable designed for connecting devices in industrial control systems, and it does not have the capability to generate error messages or alerts.

User Manuals:

The user manual for the Allen Bradley 2090-DANFCT-S05 is not publicly available. However, the manufacturer's documentation for the cable would likely include detailed information on its installation, configuration, and troubleshooting procedures.


Troubleshooting issues with the cable would typically involve checking for physical damage or wear and tear. If the cable is damaged, it may need to be replaced. In cases where the cable is functioning properly but issues persist, the problem may be related to the devices it connects or the system configuration.


The Allen Bradley 2090-DANFCT-S05 is a hardware component and does not require programming. It is designed to provide a reliable and flexible connection between devices in industrial control systems.


The installation of the Allen Bradley 2090-DANFCT-S05 typically involves connecting it to the devices it is designed to connect. This may involve attaching it to a cable-mounted connector or connecting it to a device using a specific connector. The manufacturer's documentation would likely provide detailed instructions on the proper installation procedures for the cable.

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