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Allen-Bradley 2090-CSBM1DF-14AF19


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 2090-CSBM1DF-14AF19 is a type of cable designed for use with the Kinetix 5500 drive system from Rockwell Automation. It is a continuous-flex cable, which means it is designed to withstand repeated bending and flexing without compromising its integrity. This cable is used for power and feedback connections in motor applications, particularly in industrial settings where high-performance and reliability are crucial.

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: The cable has an outer diameter of approximately 15 mm, with a core color of white and a cable length of 15 meters. It features a drive-end connector type that is optimized for the Kinetix 5500 drive system and has a flying lead design. The cable has eight cores, with a protective conductor and color-coded core identification. The outer sheath is orange, and the conductor material is copper with a tinned surface.
  • Electrical: The cable has an AWG size of 18, with a nominal voltage of 1000 volts. It is designed as a single motor power with brake wires, featuring a 1000V hybrid cable with four power, two feedback (digital communication), and two brake conductors.
  • Mechanical: The cable has a nominal cross-section conductor of 0.82 mm², which is equivalent to an AWG size of 1.62 kcmil. It has a continuous-flexible design with a weight of approximately 0.228 kg/m. The cable does not have twisted cores and features a low capacitance design to maximize system power density.
  • Environmental: The cable has a maximum conductor temperature of 105°C.


The documentation for this product includes technical data sheets and installation instructions. The technical data sheet provides detailed specifications for the cable, including its construction, electrical, and mechanical properties. The installation instructions guide users through the process of installing the cable, including important considerations for cable length, motor selection, and system design.

Troubleshooting and Programming

Troubleshooting for this cable typically involves identifying issues related to electrical connections, motor performance, or system configuration. For programming, users would need to consult the documentation for the specific drive system and motor being used, as well as any additional software or firmware required for the application. The troubleshooting and programming processes are generally specific to the drive system and motor being used, so it is recommended to consult the relevant documentation for specific guidance.


Installation of the cable involves connecting it to the motor and drive system according to the manufacturer's instructions. This typically includes ensuring proper electrical connections, securing the cable to prevent damage or flexing, and configuring the drive system for optimal performance. The installation process is critical to ensure the cable functions correctly and the system operates reliably.

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