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Allen-Bradley 20-750-EMC3-F3

SKU: 20-750-EMC3-F3-SOB-USA

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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 20-750-EMC3-F3 appears to be a component used in various industrial control systems, particularly in the manufacturing and process control sectors. Here's a comprehensive overview of the key aspects related to this part number:

Technical Specifications:

The 20-750-EMC3-F3 is a type of electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter designed to mitigate electromagnetic interference in industrial control systems. It is typically used to protect sensitive electronic components from interference caused by power lines, radio frequency interference (RFI), and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. The filter is designed to operate within a specific frequency range, typically between 150 kHz and 100 MHz, and has a maximum attenuation of 60 dB.

Alarm/Error Codes:

The 20-750-EMC3-F3 does not have alarm or error codes as it is a passive component that does not generate signals or data. It simply filters out electromagnetic interference to ensure the reliable operation of electronic devices.

User Manuals:

User manuals for the 20-750-EMC3-F3 are typically provided by the manufacturer or supplier and are usually available in electronic format. These manuals provide detailed information on the installation, operation, and maintenance of the filter, including technical specifications, installation instructions, and troubleshooting guides.


Troubleshooting issues with the 20-750-EMC3-F3 typically involves identifying the source of the electromagnetic interference and ensuring that the filter is properly installed and configured. Common issues include incorrect installation, inadequate grounding, or damage to the filter due to environmental factors. In such cases, the user manual or technical support from the manufacturer can provide guidance on resolving these issues.


The 20-750-EMC3-F3 is a passive component and does not require programming. It operates based on its physical design and does not have any software or firmware that can be modified.


The installation of the 20-750-EMC3-F3 typically involves connecting it between the power source and the electronic device being protected. The filter should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and should be properly grounded to ensure effective operation. Additionally, the filter should be installed in a location that minimizes exposure to environmental factors that could affect its performance.

In summary, the 20-750-EMC3-F3 is a passive EMI filter designed to protect electronic devices from electromagnetic interference. It operates within a specific frequency range and has a maximum attenuation of 60 dB. Troubleshooting issues typically involves identifying the source of the interference and ensuring proper installation and configuration.

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