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Allen-Bradley 161S-AA03NPU


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 161S-AA03NPU is a component from Allen-Bradley, specifically a Bulletin 161 Single Phase AC Drive. This drive is designed for use in industrial automation systems and is capable of operating in a range of applications that require precise control over motor speed and direction.

Technical Specifications

The Bulletin 161 AC Drive features an electronic overload protection system that monitors the drive current. This protection is particularly useful in multi-motor operations where thermal contacts or PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) devices are used to prevent overheating. The drive operates within a voltage range of 200-240V and has a power rating of 0.2-2.2 kW.

Alarm/Error Codes

The manual for the Bulletin 161 AC Drive (Series B) does not explicitly mention alarm or error codes. However, it does provide guidelines for troubleshooting and fault diagnosis, which may involve checking for specific error conditions or malfunctions.

User Manuals

The user manual for the Bulletin 161 AC Drive (Series B) covers technical data, dimensions, accessories, and installation procedures. It also includes important safety guidelines and precautions for handling the drive, such as ensuring proper grounding and avoiding electrical shock.


Troubleshooting for the Bulletin 161 AC Drive involves inspecting the drive for mechanical integrity before installation and start-up. This includes checking for loose parts, wires, and connections. The manual also provides general guidelines for troubleshooting, such as verifying the correct application of the drive and ensuring proper wiring and installation.


The Bulletin 161 AC Drive does not require programming in the classical sense. Instead, it is configured through a series of settings and adjustments that are made during installation and setup. These settings include parameters such as output frequency, which can be adjusted to suit specific motor requirements.


The installation of the Bulletin 161 AC Drive involves several steps, including unpacking and inspecting the drive for damage, checking the nameplate catalog number against the purchase order, and ensuring proper grounding and wiring. The manual provides detailed instructions for each of these steps, as well as guidelines for clearing and preparing the installation area.


The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 161S-AA03NPU is a single phase AC drive designed for use in industrial automation systems. It features electronic overload protection and operates within a range of 200-240V with a power rating of 0.2-2.2 kW. The drive requires careful installation and setup to ensure proper operation and safety.

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