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Allen-Bradley 150-SB3NUD


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 150-SB3NUD is a solid-state motor controller designed by Allen-Bradley, a brand of Rockwell Automation. This controller is part of the SMC-50 series and is designed for use in industrial applications. Here is a detailed description of its key features and specifications:

Technical Specifications

  • Motor Control and Drives: The controller supports a rated current of 140A for light duty, 3-wire applications.
  • Inbuilt Motor Protection: The controller includes inbuilt motor protection features, including bypass contacts.
  • Control Voltage: The controller operates on a control voltage of 24V DC.
  • Power Draw: The base power draw from the control module is 75W, with a heat sink fan for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Protection Features: The controller includes DV/DT protection and an RC snubber network for enhanced protection against electrical surges.
  • Operating Frequency: The controller operates at a frequency of 47-63 Hz or DC for control power.
  • Voltage Rating: The controller has a repetitive peak inverse voltage rating of 1800V per IEC for the power circuit.

Environmental and Mechanical Specifications

  • Environmental Operating Conditions: The controller operates within a temperature range of -25°C to 65°C (operating ambient temperature) and can withstand humidity levels of 5-95% (noncondensing).
  • Mechanical Dimensions: The controller measures 609.6 mm (width), 304.8 mm (depth), and 762 mm (height).
  • Power Terminal Markings: The power terminals are marked according to NEMA and CENELEC EN50 012 standards.
  • Mounting Orientation: The controller can be mounted in a vertical orientation.

Alarm and Error Codes

  • Error Codes: The controller does not provide specific details on error codes, but it is designed to provide inbuilt motor protection features, which can detect and respond to motor faults.

User Manual and Troubleshooting

  • User Manual: The user manual for the 150-SB3NUD is not publicly available. However, Rockwell Automation provides detailed documentation and technical support for its products, which can be accessed through their official website or through authorized distributors.

Programming and Installation

  • Programming: The controller is designed for use in industrial applications and does not require extensive programming. It is intended for use with standard motor control and drive systems.
  • Installation: The controller should be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions and local electrical codes. It is recommended to consult the user manual and technical documentation for specific installation requirements.

Additional Features

  • Integrated Motor Overload Protection: The controller includes integrated motor overload protection.
  • Short Circuit Protection Device Performance (SCPD) Type: The controller uses Type 1 SCPD.
  • Control Power Ride Through: The controller can maintain control power for 22 milliseconds in case of a fault.
  • Control Module Battery Type: The controller uses CR 2032 batteries for control power.

In summary, the 150-SB3NUD is a solid-state motor controller designed for use in industrial applications. It offers advanced features such as inbuilt motor protection, DV/DT protection, and RC snubber networks for enhanced reliability and safety. The controller operates within a specific temperature and humidity range and can be mounted in a vertical orientation. While detailed user manuals and troubleshooting guides are not publicly available, Rockwell Automation provides comprehensive documentation and technical support for its products.

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