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Allen-Bradley 150-S361RCUD


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 150-S361RCUD appears to be related to a fuse, specifically designed for use in electrical systems. The provided link from Scribd suggests that this fuse is compatible with various voltage ranges, including 24V DC and 100-240V AC. It also mentions that there are other variants of this fuse, such as 150-S361RCUR, which is designed for use with different voltage ranges.

Technical Specifications:

The technical specifications of the 150-S361RCUD fuse are not explicitly stated in the provided document. However, it is likely that the specifications include details such as the fuse's current rating, breaking capacity, and operating temperature range.

Alarm/Error Codes:

The document does not provide information on alarm or error codes related to the 150-S361RCUD fuse. It is possible that these codes may be specific to the system or application in which the fuse is used, and therefore not included in the provided technical data.

User Manuals:

The Scribd document does not contain a user manual for the 150-S361RCUD fuse. It is likely that a user manual would provide detailed instructions on the installation, operation, and maintenance of the fuse, as well as troubleshooting procedures and safety precautions.


The document does not provide troubleshooting procedures for the 150-S361RCUD fuse. Troubleshooting would typically involve identifying and addressing issues related to the fuse's operation, such as blown fuses or incorrect installation.


The 150-S361RCUD fuse is a passive component and does not require programming. It is designed to automatically break or melt when an overcurrent condition is detected, thereby protecting the electrical circuit from damage.


The installation of the 150-S361RCUD fuse would typically involve placing it in a fuse holder or panel and connecting it to the electrical circuit according to the system's design specifications. The fuse should be installed in a location that is easily accessible for maintenance and replacement, and it should be properly secured to prevent accidental disconnection or damage.

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