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Allen-Bradley 150-C60NCD


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The part number 150-C60NCD is a component manufactured by Allen Bradley, a well-known brand in the industrial control industry. It is a specific type of industrial control part, and its detailed specifications and features can be found through various online sources.

Technical Specifications

The 150-C60NCD is designed for use in industrial control systems, particularly in applications where high reliability and precision are required. It has a rated operational voltage of 250V AC/30V DC, which is compliant with UL/CSA/NEMA standards for side mount auxiliary contacts. Additionally, it has a rated control power during start with fan of 200 mA @ 120V AC, 100 mA @ 240V AC, and 700 mA @ 24V AC/DC.

Alarm/Error Codes

The part number 150-C60NCD does not seem to have specific alarm or error codes associated with it. As it is a component designed for industrial control systems, any issues or errors would likely be related to the overall system rather than the specific part itself.

User Manuals

Allen Bradley provides detailed documentation for the 150-C60NCD, including user manuals and technical documentation. These resources are available through the Rockwell Automation website, where users can access the technical documentation center for more information.


Troubleshooting for the 150-C60NCD would typically involve identifying and addressing issues related to the overall industrial control system in which it is used. This could involve checking for faulty wiring, incorrect settings, or other system-level problems. Allen Bradley's technical support resources and user manuals can provide guidance on troubleshooting and resolving issues with the part.


The 150-C60NCD is designed for use in industrial control systems and does not require programming in the classical sense. It is a component that is integrated into the system and operates based on its specific design and functionality.


The installation of the 150-C60NCD would typically involve integrating it into an existing industrial control system. This would involve following the manufacturer's instructions for installation and ensuring that the part is properly connected and configured within the system. Allen Bradley's technical support resources and user manuals can provide guidance on the installation process.

In summary, the part number 150-C60NCD is a specific industrial control component designed for use in high-reliability applications. Its technical specifications, user manuals, and troubleshooting resources are available through Allen Bradley's website and other online sources.

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