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Allen-Bradley 150-C361NBD


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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The 150-C361NBD is a smart motor controller designed for use in industrial automation systems. It is a solid-state motor controller that provides a soft start for motors, reducing the inrush current and extending the lifespan of the motor and other components in the system. The controller is designed to operate in a wide range of applications, including those that require high starting duty and high current ratings.

Technical Specifications

The 150-C361NBD has a current rating of 361A and is designed to operate with a control voltage of 100-240V AC. It is a three-wire, open-type controller that can handle a maximum voltage of 480V AC and a maximum frequency of 50/60Hz. The controller is designed to be used with three-phase motors and can handle a starting duty of up to 350%.

Alarm and Error Codes

The 150-C361NBD does not provide specific information on alarm or error codes. However, it is likely that the controller has built-in diagnostic capabilities that can detect and report issues such as overcurrent, overheating, or communication errors. These issues would typically trigger an alarm or error code that can be monitored and addressed by the system operator.

User Manuals

The user manual for the 150-C361NBD is not readily available online. However, it is likely that the manual provides detailed information on the controller's operation, configuration, and troubleshooting procedures. The manual would also likely cover safety precautions, installation procedures, and maintenance requirements.


Troubleshooting the 150-C361NBD would typically involve checking the controller's power supply, communication links, and motor connections. The controller's diagnostic capabilities would also be used to identify and address any issues that may arise. Common issues that may require troubleshooting include motor overload, communication errors, or faulty wiring.


The 150-C361NBD is a solid-state motor controller that does not require programming in the classical sense. However, it may have configuration options that can be set using a programming device or software. These options could include settings for the motor's current rating, the controller's operating voltage, and the type of motor being controlled.


The installation of the 150-C361NBD typically involves connecting the controller to a power supply, a motor, and any necessary communication links. The controller should be installed in a location that provides good airflow and is accessible for maintenance and troubleshooting. The installation procedure would typically be outlined in the user manual and may require specialized tools or expertise.

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