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Allen-Bradley 1321-3R4-D

SKU: 1321-3R4-D-SOB-USA

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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley
The part number 1321-3R4-D is associated with the PowerFlex 527 AC Drive, a product from Rockwell Automation. The following information is available about this part:

Technical Specifications

The PowerFlex 527 AC Drive is designed for use in various industrial applications, including motor control and automation. It is a part of the PowerFlex series, which is known for its flexibility and reliability in controlling AC motors.

Environmental and Operating Conditions

The drive operates within a specific range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and altitude. It is designed to withstand ambient temperatures between -20°C and 60°C (-4°F and 140°F), with a maximum altitude of 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) above sea level.

Safety and Certifications

The PowerFlex 527 AC Drive meets various safety and regulatory standards. It is certified to UL508C and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 14, and complies with the European Directives for Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility. Additionally, it is certified to ISO 13849-1 SIL3/PLe with embedded Safe Torque-Off function.

Installation and Mounting

The drive is designed to be mounted upright on a flat, vertical, and level surface. It is recommended to protect the cooling fan by avoiding dust or metallic particles and to ensure the drive is not exposed to a corrosive atmosphere.

Dimensions and Weight

The drive comes in various frame sizes (A, B, C, D, and E), each with specific dimensions and weights. The frame sizes are designed to accommodate different motor sizes and applications.

Wiring and Grounding

The drive requires proper wiring and grounding for safe and efficient operation. The wiring and grounding guidelines are detailed in the technical specifications and installation instructions.

Troubleshooting and Error Codes

The PowerFlex 527 AC Drive is equipped with various sensors and monitoring systems to detect and report errors. The troubleshooting and error code information is available in the user manual and technical specifications.

User Manual and Programming

The user manual for the PowerFlex 527 AC Drive provides detailed information on its operation, configuration, and programming. The drive can be programmed using various software tools and interfaces, including the Human Interface Module (HIM) and the Connected Components Workbench.

Installation and Commissioning

The installation and commissioning of the PowerFlex 527 AC Drive are detailed in the user manual and technical specifications. The drive requires proper installation and configuration to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance and repair of the PowerFlex 527 AC Drive are detailed in the user manual and technical specifications. Regular maintenance and proper repair procedures are essential to ensure the drive operates within its specifications and to prevent potential failures.

Additional Resources

Additional resources for the PowerFlex 527 AC Drive include technical data sheets, user manuals, and software tools. These resources provide detailed information on the drive's specifications, operation, and maintenance.

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