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Allen-Bradley 1321-3R100-C

SKU: 1321-3R100-C-SOB-USA

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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley

The Allen-Bradley 1321-3R100-C is a three-phase line reactor designed for use in power conditioning applications. It is an open-style reactor with an input/output line reactor configuration, rated for 100 amps and having an inductance of 0.45 millihenries. This device is part of the 1321 line of products from Rockwell Automation, which includes a range of line reactors with varying specifications and enclosures.

### Technical Specifications

- **Input/Output Line Reactor**: This reactor is designed to handle three-phase power and is suitable for applications where a line reactor is required for power conditioning.
- **Rating**: The reactor is rated for 100 amps, indicating its capacity to handle a specific amount of current.
- **Inductance**: The reactor has an inductance of 0.45 millihenries, which determines its ability to filter and regulate power flow.

### Documentation and User Manuals

- **1321 Power Conditioning Products**: This document provides detailed information on the 1321 line of products from Rockwell Automation, including technical specifications, dimensions, and weights for various models, including the 1321-3R100-C.
- **1321-TD001S-EN-P - October 2022**: This publication provides detailed information on the dimensions and weights of the 1321 line reactors, including the 1321-3R100-C model.

### Troubleshooting and Error Codes

- **Error Codes**: The documentation provided does not include specific error codes for the 1321-3R100-C model. However, troubleshooting information and error codes for other models in the 1321 line can be found in the user manuals and technical documentation provided by Rockwell Automation.
- **Troubleshooting**: Troubleshooting for the 1321-3R100-C model would typically involve checking the reactor's connections, ensuring proper installation and mounting, and monitoring for any signs of overheating or malfunction.

### Installation and Programming

- **Installation**: The reactor should be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, ensuring proper mounting and connections to the power supply and load.
- **Programming**: The reactor does not require programming as it is a passive component designed to filter and regulate power flow. However, the drive or control system connected to the reactor may require programming to optimize its operation.

### Key Sectors

- **Technical Specifications**: The reactor's technical specifications, including its rating and inductance, are critical in determining its suitability for a particular application.
- **Documentation**: The user manuals and technical documentation provided by Rockwell Automation are essential for understanding the reactor's operation, installation, and troubleshooting procedures.
- **Troubleshooting**: Troubleshooting is crucial in identifying and resolving any issues that may arise during the operation of the reactor.
- **Installation**: Proper installation is critical in ensuring the reactor operates safely and efficiently.
- **Programming**: While the reactor itself does not require programming, the drive or control system connected to it may require programming to optimize its operation.

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