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Allen-Bradley 1326AS-B330H-21-K3

SKU: 1326AS-B330H-21-K3-SOB-USA

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Product Specifications

brand name Allen-Bradley
The part number 1326AS-B330H-21-K3 is a servo motor from Allen-Bradley, a brand of Rockwell Automation. This product is part of the 1326AS series, which is designed to provide high torque-to-inertia ratios and is suitable for applications that require precise control and high acceleration rates. The motor features a magnetic construction using rare earth materials, Neodymium Iron Boron, which enables it to deliver excellent continuous and peak torques, low inertia for acceleration rates, and high torque values throughout a wide speed range.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications for this motor are not directly available from our research. However, the product description suggests that it operates at speeds up to 6000 RPM at a 40°C ambient temperature and provides a continuous operating torque range from 0.7 Nm to 36.4 Nm.


The product is certified by the Eurasion Economic Community as of September 29, 2022. It is important to note that products sold before or after this date might carry different certifications, and the specific certifications on the product should be checked on the product label.


Documentation for this product includes the product catalog and literature results, which can be accessed through the Rockwell Automation website.

Troubleshooting and Programming

Troubleshooting and programming information for this product is not directly available from our research. However, Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Automation typically provide detailed documentation and support resources for their products, including troubleshooting guides and programming instructions.


Installation details for this product are not directly available from our research. However, the product description suggests that it is designed as a true drop-in replacement for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley 1326AS Series servo motors, which implies that it can be installed without changes to motor data files, tuning parameters, cables, or couplers/adaptors.

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